Borja Antolín Tomas

Research Projects

2013 Earth: the architect of the Himalaya and Grenville Mountains. New permanent exhibit on the Miller Museum of Geology (Kingston).
Have a look to the exhibit here:
Participating Scientist: Borja Antolin, Laurent Godin and Mark Badham

My interests are in:

  1. Continental tectonics with special focus on the Himalaya-Tibet and the Pyrenees orogenic belts. I use a multidisciplinary approach including paleomagnetism, petrofabric analyses by anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility technique, quartzs CPO, field mapping, illite crystallinity and 40K/40Ar and 40Ar/39Ar dating. I have current investigations in Bhutan and Nepal.

  2. Outreach projects related to mountains formation, geophysical survey applications and Earth sciences for sustainability. To address these I design and create infographics, interactive exhibits in museums and creative short-films.

2012-2013 Interplay between km-scale folding, cooling and exhumation processes. Implications for the late orogenic evolution of the Himalaya. Palaeomagnetic, K/Ar and Fission track data from Pele La klippe (Bhutan).

Participating Scientist: B. Antolín, E. Schill, F. Wellmann, I. Dunkl, X. Quidelleur, E. Appel, D. Grujic, M. Waldhör.

New Palaeomagnetic, K/Ar and Fission track results will be submitted to the Geological Society Special Publication: “Fifty years of paleomagnetism in fold-and-thrust belts”

2011-2012 Foreland view of the extruding Himalayan metamorphic core, West Nepal

Participating Scientist:

Borja Antolín, Laurent Godin (Queen´s University), Klaus Wemmer (Göttingen University) and Carl Nagy (Queen´s University).

2010-2012 Relationship between the Gurla-Humla strike-slip fault and the South Tibetan detachment system in the upper Karnali valley, Western Nepal

Participating Scientist:

Carl Nagy, Laurent Godin, Borja Antolín (Queen´s University) and John Cottle (University of California).

2006-2010 SE-Tibet crustal dynamics

My PhD Thesis is centred on the project: SE-Tibet crustal dynamics founded by the German Research Foundation, DFG and directed by E. Appel (Tuebingen University). Additional founding was from Tibetan Plateau Formation: tracing material flow around the East-Himalayan syntaxis (project within the 1372 DFG Priority Program: Tibetan Plateau: Formation-Climate-Ecosystems, TiP). For more information:

  1. Dr. E. Appel and Dr. M. Waldhör. Tuebingen University, Germany.

  1. Dr. I. Dunkl and Dr. K. Wemmer. Göttingen University, Germany.

  1. Dr. C. Montomoli. Pisa University, Italy.

  1. Dr. T. Román and Dr. A. Casas. Zaragoza University, Spain.

  1. Dr. B. Oliva. Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología, CSIC, Spain.

  2. Dr. R. Gloaguen. TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany.

  1. Dr. D. Grujic. Dalhousie University, Canada.

  1. Dr. E. Schill. Neuchâtel University, Switzerland.

  1. Dr. X. Quidelleur. Paris-Sud University and CNRS Orsay, France



Outreach projects


Images and design: B. Antolín Tomas

The mistake we made was in thinking
that the Earth belonged to us
when the fact of the matter is
we're the ones who belong to the Earth

Nicanor Parra


William White Postdoctoral Fellow (2011-2012), Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, Queen’s University. Office: Bruce Wing 548, Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering. Miller Hall, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6

Ph.D. 2010. Tuebingen University, Germany. Title: Tectonic evolution of the Tethyan Himalaya in SE Tibet deduced from magnetic fabric, structural, metamorphic and paleomagnetic data. Supervised by E. Appel. Open file at:

M.Sc. 2006.  Departamento de Ciencias de la Tierra, Zaragoza University, Spain.



Antolín, B., Godin, L., Wemmer, K., Nagy, C. 2013. Kinematics of the Dadeldhura klippe shear zones (W Nepal): implications for the foreland evolution of the Himalayan metamorphic core. Terra Nova 25, 282-291.

Terra Nova cover image August 2013

Antolín, B., Schill, E., Grujic, D., Baule, S., Quidelleur, X., Appel, E., Waldhör, M. 2012. E-W extension and block rotation of the southeastern Tibet: Unravelling late deformation stages in the eastern Himalayas (NW Bhutan) by means of pyrrhotite remanences. Journal of Structural Geology.

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Liebke, U., Antolín, A., Appel, E., Basavaiah, N., Mikes, T., Dunkl, I., Wemmer, K. 2011. Indication for clockwise rotation in the Siang window south of the eastern Himalayan syntaxis and new geochronological constraints for the area. In: Growth and Collapse of the Tibetan Plateau (Eds: R. Gloaguen and L. Ratschbacher). Geological Society of London Special Publications 353, 71-97.

Antolín, B., Appel, A., Montomoli, C., Dunkl, I., Ding, L., Gloaguen, R., El Bay, R. 2011. Kinematic evolution of the eastern Tethyan Himalaya: Constraints from magnetic fabric and structural properties of the Triassic flysch in SE Tibet. In: Kinematic Evolution and Structural Styles of Fold-and-Thrust Belts (Eds: J. Poblet and R. Lisle). Geological Society of London Special Publications 349, 99-121.

Liebke, U., Appel, E., Neumann, U., Antolin, B., Ding, L., Xu, Q. 2010. Position of the Lhasa terrane prior to India-Asia collision derived from palaeomagnetic inclinations of 53 Ma old dykes of the Linzhou Basin: constraints on the age of collision and post-collisional shortening within the Tibetan Plateau. Geophysical Journal International 182, 1199-1215.

Antolín, B., Appel, E., Gloaguen, R., Dunkl, I., Ding, L., Montomoli, C., Liebke, U., Xu, Q. 2010. Paleomagnetic evidence for clockwise rotation and tilting in the eastern Tethyan Himalaya (SE Tibet): Implications for the Miocene tectonic evolution of the NE Himalaya. Tectonophysics 493, 172-186.

Antolín-Tomás, B., Román-Berdiel, T., Casas-Sainz, A., Gil-Peña, I., Oliva, B., Soto, R. 2009. The structural and magnetic fabric study of the Marimanha granite (Axial Zone of the Pyrenees). International Journal of Earth Sciences 98, 427-441.